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Luxury trains

The world’s top five luxury train journeys

25. September 2020

When you think of Business Class, you usually associate it with airlines. But what can you expect from travelling on an exclusive train? The editors have hand-picked the five most luxurious train journey in the world.

Recently, it has become increasingly popular to travel with trains over flights, often due to environmental reasons. But in the case of luxury train trips, the most important thing is the journey itself rather than reaching the final destination.

The Venice Simon-Orient-Express, Europe

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the world’s most legendary train, and passengers can enjoy a journey beyond the ordinary in the original Orient Express carriages dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. Travellers are transported back to an era when trains were the most elegant way to travel. One of the journeys the train takes is the route from London to Venice. Onboard, passengers can expect an exceptional culinary experience, and a personal service in a glamorous environment.

The Venice Simon-Orient-Express


The Andean Explorer, Peru.

Experience Inka’s fascinating road system with Andean Explorer. The two-night train journey runs between Cusco in Peru, to Arequipa via Lake Titicaca. Bring medicines if you are sensitive to high altitudes, as this is one of the world’s highest train routes. Among other things, there is a lounge and spa, and Peruvian cuisine is offered. All private ensuite offer private showers.

The Andean Explorer


The Andean Explorer

Cruise Train Seven Stars, Japan

This is the most luxurious train in Japan. The four-day journey takes passengers around the beautiful island of Kyushu, and offer exceptional views of both the mountains and the sea. The elegant interior is defined by a modern Japanese style of classic luxury. With only 28 seats and immense popularity, it is almost a lottery to get a hold of a ticket.

Cruise Train Seven Stars


Cruise Train Seven Stars

Rovos Rail, South Africa

Promoted as "The most luxurious train in the world", Rovos Rail takes passengers on an incredible 3-day journey between Pretoria and Cape Town. This train passes through South Africa’s magnificent nature, from the Highveld grasslands to the Great Karoo desert, and all can be enjoyed from the outside balcony onboard the train. Numerous other itineries are also offered throughout southern Africa, with the epic 15-day Cape Town to Dar es Salaam as the longest. Onboard, travellers enjoy five-star meals in combination with South Africa’s finest wines in an unbelievable setting. Everything in world-class style and service.

Rovos Rail

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Railway

The Golden Eagle is the most luxurious way of travelling on the trans-Siberian railway. The two-weeks journey takes travellers from Moscow through Mongolia to Vladivostok and is suitable for adventurous traveller wishing to visit distant destinations in style and comfort. Onboard, passengers are offered ensuite with private bathrooms, excellent food and first-class service. Some of the highlights include a glass of champagne at the Euro-Asian border and cooking classes in Russian culinary cuisine.

The Golden Eagle


The Golden Eagle